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Hello, my name is Joshua.
Actor, model, business entrepreneur, etc.

Never really envisioned myself to act, but seems like it's the most fun thing to do. Since I can't be everything as a career, why not act like I'm everything as a career, right?

2017 was when I began my debut in the entertainment industry as an actor and model. I had just come from overseas in 4 years co-running a multi-million dollar organization in Fiji and was now trying to figure what to do. Business consulting? America wants a Bachelor's degree so nope. Real estate? Too slow and seemed boring (I'll do some on the side for fun). Interior designing? Would've could've, but the thought of needing to get licensed was a thorn bush that I didn't feel like crossing (maybe later).

Then I found an advertisement for an agency that opened up an office near me. What did I know about acting and modeling? Nothing. I had no credits, no experience in plays in middle school or high school. Never even picked up a camera to do a skit. Never even been in a friend's video for their Vine or Instagram. So what did I have? I had the memories of being called handsome and cute by my parent's friends and non-immediate family members. I had an "Always right," and "Only #1," mentality. Common sense and a likable charm. Modesty ^.^ . I figured out that the industry of "talent" was actually a business of skill and not "talent." Couple in my experience of running a multi-operate organization overseas, I figured I might as well try (I actually walked into the open audition room with 0 chance in my mind).

With sheer charm and luck though, everything worked out well. The agency actually signed me, they put me in an acting studio for classes, and I learned the tricks and the trade of skill over talent. Mechanics and the technicalities over creativity and talent. That is what got me through the brutal first few months of no work but only training. And it all paid off 6 months after I signed with the agency and getting 0 work.

On September 2017, I had 2 showcases: one in Orlando (held by my acting studio) and one in Los Angeles (skeptically found by me).
I went to both planning to win. Observe the competition. Find their weakness. Strengthen yours. Always be on the offensive while feinting like your on defense. At the end of Orlando, I've successfully signed with an agent and manager in LA, which completed my preparation to move to Los Angeles, the mecca of artists.

This is where emotions kinda got the best of me (I'm only human guys); I originally made plans to move in with a couple other friends to LA in January, but I decided why wait. Throwing away my hesitation, I moved out to LA with vigor and a "fool-proof" plan mid-December, saying, "Screw holidays, I'm gonna use that resting period to accustom myself in LA."

Was a bit hard, but after 2 months of staying at an AirBnB hostel, I found a sponsor for a house in LA saving me rent and solidifying a foundation. And after 3 months of just sheer networking around LA, meeting 100-200 people a day, going from event to event, I finally had all my pieces in place and it was finally my turn to move on the chess board. I've gained enough knowledge of how business works out here in LA, both inside and outside of the entertainment industry. 15-20 auditions a week was an average. I made sure that my grind time was short, but compact. This means enough work so that my resume and reel looks like someone worked over a couple years, but doing that within a couple months. My headshots, resume, and reel were ready. I was tight with my agent and manager (I hope). Now off to the higher priority work.

Currently I co-run a production company, a multi-organization out in Fiji, an international real estate business, a global distribution business, and my entertainment career.

This is only the beginning. Success is not hard to achieve. It does take hard work, but it is not hard. If a kid who dropped out of high school and was bored with life can do it, then so can you.

Life only gets better if you have fun with the challenges.

Hopefully my bio has sparked an interest/has motivated you.

I'll see you all at the top. :)


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