FAQ Photographers
We are an online community-platform that connects models and photographers all around the world.
We are not a model agency - we connect models with photographers, which makes us completely objective when presenting models.
If you are a photographer, Shootset is perfect place for you to find models because you can choose people who are not a professional models, which means that they are probably not photographed by industry competitors. Further on, Shootset models are not as pricey as a professional models.
There are 3 simple steps to use Shootset:
  • 1. Create your free profile. Fill your profile and find the perfect match for your next shoot.
  • 2. Find and compare models, set shooting details, and use our system to discuss specifics with models.
  • 3. Book online and keep all your shooting details in one place
Photographer will not be able to send a message or booking request until he is verified by us. Soon after registration, we will verify your identity with a phone call.
Photographer will set the amount and sends booking request to a model. Model can accept or decline. This gives model the opportunity to negotiate a different amount before he can accept.
If your shooting is confirmed or done you can not add more models. In case you want to book more models feel free to create new shooting.
All the reviews on Shootset are written by models and photographers from our community, so any review you see is based on a shoot that a photographer and model had.
You have 14 days after shoot to write a review.

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